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W7AFC Repeater
Tucson, AZ

Arizona's Finest Channel!!!

In April of 2006, Oliver went into the hospital for an extended period and donated the repeater to the Tucson Repeater Association It is now located on the east side of Tucson.

Oliver moved back home and his repeater was returned to him.

On August 30, 2008 Oliver passed away.
the status of the repeater is unknown

Below is the history of the repeater

The W 7 A F C Repeater, formerly W 7 W G W, was established in Phoenix on the 146.250/146.850 frequency pair, which was under the 30 Kc plan. In 1990, the frequency was changed to the frequency pair of 146.260/146.860, when the Repeater owners of Arizona went to the 20 KC plan.

Until 1993, the Repeater was operated in West Phoenix at the home QTH. Later it was established in Cottonwood, in the Verde Valley of northern Arizona for three years. Hence, to southern Arizona.

The system is open to all hams within the area of Mescal, Benson, Sierra Vista, portions of Tucson, and Willcox, plus others. A backyard Repeater, gives the best results and service when used with a base station, in the areas mentioned above.

In the last ten years, the Repeater/Remote has been located west of Benson at Mescal (off I-10 Exit 297) which is 35 miles east of Tucson, at an altitude of 4300 elevation.

The Repeater operates approximately 20 hours daily, from my QTH in Mescal. Control of the system is accomplished by UHF Control frequency. As in most cases, control is restricted by the licensee to regulate and operate the system.

On November 02, 1999, the frequency was changed to the frequency pair of 147.600/147.000, with all other features remaining the same except that in December of 2002, a PL of 100.0hz was added to fix adjacent channel interference problems. There is NO membership required. As of July 2002, a new Vertex/Standard 2 Meter Repeater, was installed in place of the 20 year old Spectrum brand. Its capability is much improved, with more than two times as much power output (50 watts), and receiver sensitivity is greatly improved. We invite you to give it a try, especially you are if in the Benson/Mescal, Sierra Vista, Willcox, and parts of Tucson area.

The 146.260/146.860 is now assigned to E A A R S (Eastern Arizona Amateur Radio Society). This Repeater is now a part of the E A A R S Network , which is being operated from Heliograph Peak, near Safford, at an altitude of 10,220 feet elevation. In addition the W 7 A F C Repeater is available thru the E A A R S Remote base station of 447.825 MHZ (-) to E A A R S Club members. The  W7AFC repeater @ 100 HZ PL can be operated very successfully on the E.A.A.R.S. remote, 447.825, anytime.

Remember, the W 7 A F C Repeater is located on the east side of Tucson and is open to all radio amateurs. Hope to hear you there.

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